The Cosmic Egg, Serpent and the Enlighting Orgasm By Makeda Voletta

Sexual energy is our creative and vital life force energy. The health of our internal organs is a direct reflection of the potency of our sexual chi. This is why cultivating our sexual energy is so vital for our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. All indigenous people had sacred sexual practices; however, the most well known are the Taoist practices from China and Tantra from India. Both have divine feminine roots. They ascend from the darkness. It is impossible to separate sacred sexuality and the Goddess. Throughout many ancient traditions you will find the serpent, the bird and the egg. The egg and the serpent are symbols of female sexual energy, (re)birth, resurrection, and the divine feminine circular eggs and spiritual spirals of the Goddess.

It is in the lower self where the kundalini serpent (jing) resides. The kundalini serpent wraps around the cosmic egg and devours it. The egg arouses the serpent to replicate in two and uncoil up the tree of life (our spine) up into our pineal gland (third eye) which leads us to higher levels of enlightenment. We can also bring it up to the crown chakra so it may combine with “shen” our spiritual energy and can then be brought down to our womb space (right under our navel) and stored as chi (our vital life force energy).

The divine twin serpents represent the unity of two. The twin serpents represent duality and the double helix of DNA. Hence, we see on the symbol used by the medical community, the dual serpent rising up the spine where it is joined by wings. This symbol represents healing. From the elevation of the twin serpents, comes the all seeing bird that flies high. The snake(s) inform the Goddess of the underworld. The Bird informs the Goddess of the Upper world. Don’t underestimate the lower chakras or the flesh. Heat rises. So the power and enlightenment in the crown is depending on its foundation. The foundation feeds the crown.

If we look throughout the world, nudity, owls, cats, snakes, darkness, menstrual blood and sexuality are considered to be “evil”. People are afraid of the dark side. This fear has been embedded in the vaginal walls, wombs, breasts and minds of women all over the world. Many women verbally and violently express extreme hate for their menstrual cycles and will go to great lengths to not have one. Many women speak so negatively about our moon cycles and have never been introduced to the powers inherent in our moon time (menstrual) blood. During our menstrual cycles that is when we are the closest to spirit. It should always be a time of retreat, relaxation, meditation, creation and destruction. It is time for us to divine and receive divine messages from the Goddesses and our ancestors. It is a time for us to conduct rituals with other women who are close to us who are also bleeding at the same time. Our moon time is our most powerful tome, spiritually. This is the reason why a menopausal woman becomes wiser. She maintains her wise red fluid inside of her, to only be transformed into deeper layers of wisdom. Women should not be experiencing super long or super heavy menstrual flows or be in excruciating pain. If we do feel these things it is symbolic of something highly toxic in our diet and/or life. It is also linked to past traumatic issues and weak vaginal muscles.

In the powerful book, “The Great Cosmic Mother – Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth”, authors Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor write,

“ The biblical myth of Eve and Adam and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden is another tale of the separation of the female from the male, at Yahweh’s command. According to Hebrew and Christian teachings, Eve-the “first woman” –is the cause of the “fall” of humanity from paradise into earthly suffering. She is the source of the “Original Sin”.

In Genesis all recognizable elements of the much more ancient Mother Goddess myth, symbol, and ritual are present. Here is the Garden of the Goddess and her wise cosmic serpent, the tree of knowledge with its dark soma fruit, the fig of the Cretan Goddess-which became, for Westerners, the magic apple of the European “White Goddess.” Here also is a strong trace of Near Eastern creation mythology, which tells how the Great Mother shaped the first human beings from earth dust and her own saliva and breathed her breath of life into them. Eve means “life”, and Eve is called the Mother –of-All-Living. Adam means “son of the red Mother Earth.” These legends, these creation myths, go back thousands of years before the Hebrew patriarchs wrote the Bible.

But in Genesis, it is a Father God who creates all life. And the first woman is born from a man’s body. A very interesting biological reversal! In this opening book of the Bible, this historic-political ideology of the patriarchs is clearly stated: The new male God forbids Adam and Eve to participate in the sacred mystery rites of the Great Goddess. They may not eat of her fruit and gain transcendent knowledge. Of course, Eve, who was the priestess of the Goddess, disobeyed Yahweh’s command. She tries, with the magic aid of her serpent, to persuade Adam to partake with her the narcotic fruit and sexual rites leading to ecstatic illumination and rebirth in the Goddess’s Garden of Immortality. And this is “Original Sin” in the established doctrines of the Hebrew and Christian religions.

Lilth, in Hebrew legend, was the rebellious woman created before Eve. She was portrayed as part snake and wearing wings-“the winding serpent who was Lilith”-and was blamed by Yahweh for having tempted Eve to reveal and initiate Adam into the mysteries of the garden. Lilith represented the ancient Canaanite worship of Astarte-Asherah, and also Ishtar of Babylon. Her relation to the very old Snake-and Bird Goddess is obvious, and her rebellious naughty mysteries were those of yoga, of kundalini and spinal illumination (mysteries and techniques indigenous to the Near East, as well as to Europe and India, until the Hebrew patriarchs set out to censor them). Far into medieval European Christian imagery, the serpent in paradise is pictured with a woman’s head and breasts.

Significantly, Eve’s punishment for her “sin” consists of patriarchal marriage. Her desire must be only for her husband, she must leave her Garden and follow him over the barren male-ordered earth, condemned to unwanted pregnancies and painful childbirth. In other words, patrilocal marriage, in which she is isolated from her women’s collective and deprived of her ancient knowledge of herbal contraception and narcotics used for painless labor. She is no longer priestess and midwife to the Goddess. She will now bear children bitterly and they will “belong” to the man. She must also passively male love to Adam on her back, he enacting as the male Sky Father over her meek female Earth. She must play the role of “corrupt matter” chained to a husband forever striving to “free” his immortal spirit from her.”

The Goddess and her Garden are more ancient than the bible. The Goddess and her abundance of succulent fruit (symbols of female sex organs) was turned into the “evil temptress.” The world’s main religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, guided by patriarchal ideology, are highly responsible for drilling the idea that sex and sexual desire is sinful into the minds and laws of practically every nation of people. To deny your lower chakras is to deny your roots. It is to disconnect from your source of life. It is to cut off your divine connection to your mother, the darkness, the divine feminine. Sexuality is certainly divine. Sexual energy is spiritual energy and the flesh is sacred. To deny our physical flesh and deep, dark center is to deny ourselves. The laws of physics demonstrate that the farther we are away from our center the more off balance we become. In order to remain balanced as we walk across the tight rope called “life”, we must connect to and strengthen our center. That is where we access the truth, our ancestors and our strength. It is vitally important for all of the muscles in our body to be strong and tight. Despite this fact, most people do not think of strengthening the muscles that support their reproductive organs. Pelvic Prolapse is a condition in which one’s internal organs begin to sag and fall down into the pelvic and urogenital diaphragms. While this complication occurs in both men and women, this article will focus on women. Pelvic Prolapse is a serious condition that can cause pain during sexual intercourse, problems urinating, chronic constipation, back pain and tissue bulging through the vagina. Becoming a common occurrence in much of the world. Giving birth vaginally takes incredible strength and coordination of all of the core muscles. It is important for women to know that they are able to give birth vaginally to all of their children without having this situation occur. However, just as an athlete trains before competing, it is important for women to train for giving birth. It is important to note that women who have not given birth can also develop this condition if they do not put in any work to strengthen those muscles. Over time, all muscles weaken and atrophy if stress is not put on them.

Many women have heard of Kegel exercises but that is analogous to doing bicep curls with the air. In order to for our muscles strong and tight, we must put stress on them. There is a long documented legacy of vaginal strength training and vaginal weightlifting in ancient China. The royal women in China used a Jade Egg several thousand years ago as a way to strengthen and control their vaginal muscles. Remember, it is one thing to have strong muscles and another thing to have superb control over them. The Jade Egg is an egg made from the Jade stone. It works by inserting it into our vaginal canal and learning to manipulate it in a variety of ways. We can eventually learn to pull the egg up and down, side to side, squeeze it, twirl it, flip it, and everything in between. Our vaginal canal is one huge muscle so over time, the use of the Jade Egg makes our vaginal walls wetter, thicker, stronger and tighter. The added benefit is the fact that manipulating, squeezing, tugging and focusing on the Jade Egg enables us let the egg increases our sensitivity and transforms negative energy. All of these intense, focused contractions build a lot of sexual energy our clitoral and genital region. Thus, it is analogous to starting a fire. It causes our libido to rise and so will the intensity of our orgasms. As women, it is vital to have frequent and deeply intense orgasms because it helps us to increase our estrogen and shorten our menstrual cycle. The more that we are in a moist, aroused state, the more enjoyable our menstrual cycle becomes. Another added benefit is being able to hypnotize your partner with your vaginal dexterity. During sexual interactions your partner can certainly feel the contractions and it is extremely also pleasurable for him (or her).

Jade is believed to stimulate white blood cells. Jade opens up the heart chakra to love energy. Jade is a good luck stone that helps facilitate prosperity, deep wisdom, compassion, peace, balancing of male and female energies, courage, wisdom, justice, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity. It is associated with the astrological signs of Libra, Aries, Gemini and Taurus and it vibrates to the number eleven. The element associated with Jade is water. In all of the sacred sexual practices I have studied, female sexual energy is considered to be water and male sexual energy is fire. This is why it is so important for women to orgasm often and to be wet often. It is not in anyone’s best interest to let the rivers run dry. Female sexual energy is associated with water because it takes a little bit of time to get to its boiling point. Work must be put in to make the molecules go crazy and thus turn into vapor. Male sexual energy is analogous to fire because it is quick to get hot and quick to burn out. Since men are visual creatures they can get incredibly aroused just at the sight of someone they find attractive. But it makes sense because men are programmed to spread their seed and women are programmed to be selective.

Black Jade enhances expressiveness, intelligence and perception. It is thought to be a magic stone by the Mayan and Aztec cultures. It is used to treat disorders of the Reproductive Organs. Many women store trauma in their womb space and their vaginal canal. It is important for women to heal these issues before giving birth, because the baby will grow in the womb and come into the world via the vaginal canal. The new born baby can then pick up all sorts of imbalances and trauma that the mother never dealt with. The Jade Egg also helps to calm the nerves because it stimulates all of the reflexology points in the vagina, which in turn help to balance the meridians associated with all of the body’s organs. And my favorite thing about the Jade Egg is that it makes a woman more sensitive and more orgasmic. Women have more than one G-spot. We have many, and you will discover them once you start working with the ancient cosmic egg.

A freelance fitness/swimsuit and fine art model, Makeda Voletta is a trained and professional dancer in a variety of dance styles from the Carribean, South America, North America and Africa. She is a dedicated student of the body and all of the methods involved with bringing the body to it’s highest level. Makeda has a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning and a minor in Nutrition. Having completed two years of graduate work at Columbia University in Applied Physiology and Nutrition as well as plenty of self study, Makeda is a self-proclaimed body science nerd. Along with finding gems of her knowledge and captures of her beauty here, you can find more at and at


  1. Nice, I enjoyed the education and enlightment on the history of the healing serpent and the power that comes with the anomalies of this ancient belief system. Much love to you Makeda - you are well on your way to holding the light before you.

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  3. Very nice, I've been using the Jade egg for about 7-8 months and it's amazing.....

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