The Power of the Divine Feminine

The deep power of the womb is the essential power of creation. It is the divine feminine power that created everything that is.

Mapped within every woman is an access point to the divine creative power. This access point is located behind the position of the physical womb structure in women. It is this point of energy that directs the soul development of a baby while it is in the womb.

However, when enlivened it can also enhance the woman's soul development and power.

Unfortunately most women are unaware of this power point. Further, this power point is wounded within them. Historical attacks upon and subjugation of the feminine have obscured the information and shut down the womb power of women. In addition, personal wounding (sexual attack or abuse, grief, shame and guilt regarding sexuality, miscarriage, abortion, hysterectomy etc.) has robbed this power point of its essential energy.

Once this healing has begun then the womb power literally rewires the energetic within us. This rewiring allows our physical bodies and energy bodies to hold the higher vibratory frequencies that are the divine feminine. When fully rewired our connection to the divine feminine is no longer an external or ephemeral experience-it is us.

As a woman this energy is your birthright!

Womb Cleansing Ritual

For a deeper cleansing of old issues the following full month experience can be used very effectively either with the menstrual cycle (as the moon cycle) or the external moon cycle as the time period. Both menstrual cycle and external moon cycle offer powerful experiences. However, men and menopausal women must do this exercise by using the external moon cycle.

The experience lasts from full moon (or onset of menses) to the next full moon (next menses). If you are engaging external moon cycles then pay attention the aspects of the moon and what particular things that moon affords extra power to address (I like the explanations at which provide a Mayan calendar and interpretation for determining this). In fact, if you find an external moon with properties akin to your issues then this is the strongest effect.

On the full moon (or menses) give an offering to the Mama Quilla (Mother Moon) honoring her power and asking to release the old issues you have identified. Each day till the new moon (or ovulation) you will need to spend some sacred time in the following practice.

1) Begin with prayer or ceremony for connection to the divine.

2) Identify and bring forward the issues emotionally and mentally that you wish to address.

3) Take 100% responsibility for all that it entails. You might think that others abused you or were at fault for that old issue. However key to clearing it is to take your power back and take responsibility. Total responsibility recognizes that everything that has come to you while in the body was the soul's attempt to awaken you. It realizes that you came to earth with energy ready to bring you the experiences you needed to progress. Total responsibility realizes that you have body imprinted with that energy of the soul and of parents and that imprint draws your experience to you. Even if others abused you it was your energy that ultimately drew that out of others to bring to you. You must re-own this energy through taking full responsibility. To do this you must realize the root energy on you (usually some form of unworthiness or lack of self-esteem) that is that imprint upon you. Further, you must acknowledge that this is your energy and that you take full responsibility for what that energy drew to you.

4) Achieve true forgiveness to others involved and toward self for your own less than divine reactions. True forgiveness sees that everyone is an unwitting player in a larger game of illusion. Each is driven by their imprinted energies and responding from their wounds. No one is any better or worse in this grand game. Each person has a divine nature. Forgiveness is the practice of seeing this and becoming non-attached to who did what or why. Further true forgiveness requires the subsequent opening your heart to the situation, self and others.

5) Replay the old situation, events or feelings from your divine self. See yourself back in the old situation or feeling, but this time respond from your highest open heart. Review the situation from your divine self and divine reactions.

To aid this daily practice you may wish to choose a situation in which you feel most divinely connected and can receive hints or messages to help your progress. For example if you feel connected in nature, do the daily experience while taking a walk or sitting in nature. Read the signs of nature as hints (like you would interpret a dream) as to where to go next internally to really address all aspects of the issue you have brought forward.

Your dreams may also be vivid during this time. Use those vivid dreams to identify areas that still need addressing.

Ideally by the time you reach the new moon (or ovulation) you are in the empty state with respect to your issue. This means you have drained all the emotions and are feeling relatively non-attached or in a state of divine reaction and forgiveness when you think of the aspects of the issue. If you don't feel totally clear that is fine. Just accept the level of release you have attained as appropriate. Some people experience feeling empty as depression or loneliness. Be sure not to engage any such interpretation. Feel and know this emptiness as divine.

If you are following your menstrual cycle you have now invested that ovum with all those old issues and you will exit them on the menses. If you are following the moon cycle, know that the emptying of the moon itself is moving those issues out of you. From the new moon (ovulation) to the next full moon (next menses) is the time of refilling with divine possibility. Each day engage in the following practice.

1) Offer a prayer for the highest possible to enter and fill you.

2) Connect the central axis of your luminous structure all the way through your body and into Earth and Sky.

3) Breath deeply pulling energy from the earth to fill the central axis of your luminous structure.

4) Circulate that energy throughout your triangles.

5) From the top of your head contact a divine source (or source of unconditional love) and breath that energy down into and filling the central luminous axis.

6) Circulate that energy throughout your triangles.

If you are mesa holder do the above exercise while siting inside your spread out mesa. Use your khuyas to aid connection to divine source. Thank your mesa, khuyas and sources after the experience.

Allow for the importation and circulation of energy to reform you. Try to stay without expectations of how that reform will take shape, look like, or feel. By the time the second full moon arrives you should be feeling different from the prior full moon.

Regular engagement of these practices will vastly improve the exit and clearing of old family line issues. As you clear you will find that you are no longer being highly triggered by these issues in daily life. As well you will find that your sexual and numinous dreams increase and violent dreams decrease during mid cycle. All of these are good signs that your menses are beginning to work with you toward the necessary clearing prior to enlightenment.


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