A Time of Balance: Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is approaching...I love spring and summer very much however I am a child of the harvest.  I was born on Halloween during a full moon.  The Autumn Equinox start on September 22, 2013 at 4:44 pm EST.  Upon doing more research into this time of year I learn a lot more about my myself and gained a deeper appreciation for what this time really symbolized as well as how I should make the best of it. 

We know that during this time of year the leaves are changing colors, the weather is become more cooler, and balance occurs between day time and night time.  It also is a time when things die where as summer and spring represent rebirth.  So what does all of this mean from a spiritual stand point?  The picture to the left is a representation of the Libra energy which of course deals with balance.   During the autumn equinox the Sun move in the sign of Libra. The glyph for Libra also represents the sun setting/rising which also shows the balance of light and dark.

During this time the sun begins to go south from it highest point during the Summer Solstice. The sun represents the Son/Christ which is the spiritual aspect that incarnate into a person.  This story can be seen with Jesus, Horus, Hu, Dionysus, Tammuz, Mithras and Odin.  Their stories show a spiritual awaking that is happening within. The sun's decent south causes an increase in darkness which represents our consciousness or our spirit.  So this is a time of great spiritual transformation!  It is not possible to gain enlightenment if you do not know the light as well as the dark.

Our ancient ancestors were very aware of this knowledge.  They built monuments in honor of it.  These sacred landmarks can be seen in Chichen Itza,  the Pyramid of the Sun, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and Easter Island.  These sites were not created simply for beauty but instead as a outward reflection of what is going on within us as well as above us in the heavens.  Our ancestor understood this need to bring things in to balance.

So how can we honor this time? We can take the time to make a list of all that we have harvested during the spring and summer.  Reflect on what you have planted and what you plan to plant for the next year.  Be grateful for all that you have brought forth. The equinox also occurs at 4:44 eastern time.  This is a very powerful number because it is a reminder that our angels are around us at that moment to support us.  Powerful energies are arriving during this time.  We can take this time to gather in a place we consider sacred maybe near water because it is a good communicator.  We can meditate on love, joy and compassion and send those energies into the planet.  And take that time to listen to hear what is need from us at this time.

Happy Autumn Equinox!

Here are some affirmations you can utilize at this time as well during your reflective medatitons:

  • I am committed to strengthening my inner self to bring truth, growth and balance to my life.
  •  I can see the light because of the dark, and I find balance and protection with this knowledge.
  • My days are joyful as are my nights, and I gain optimism with each passing day. 
  •  I am open to understanding the inner knowledge that God has given me.
  •  My emotions and intellect are focused and alert. I can clearly see the best choices for my life's path.
  •  I welcome change as essential to growth and realize that all things are impermanent. 
  •  I ground the light realms that are around me. 
  •  I deserve a good life of productivity and abundance.


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