About Lotus (Danielle Hall)

                                                                                       Journey of a Lotus Poem by Danielle Hall

My guidance leads me through this journey of uncertainties….Always creating new pages of my reality and attracting lesson to gain clarity.  My mentality is astounding!  Unenlightened beings cannot challenge me!  I am beyond this plane of existence you see.  I have aligned with the dark matter consciousness and all universal synchronicities.  I know my ancient history and my ancestors speak through me.  I have no time for negativity.  It does not reside in my vicinity.  My mission is to uplift humanity you either with me or against me.  I am beyond the acts of disloyalty and the lying and debating is boring!  We all need to vibrate at a higher frequency.  We are Gods and Goddesses!  Time to wake up family!  In my life there are no boundaries.  I have no fears or insecurities.  I accept that I am the creator of everything before me.  And from this moment forward this will remain my journey.

Danielle grew up in a very strict religious home.  She lived a great majority of her life doing all she could to please others until she began to really take a deeper look at life and decide what it is that she actually wanted for herself.  She discovered many teachers along her journey that had a profound impact on how she has shaped her life to this day.  Some of those teacher are Louise Hay, Don Miguel Ruiz, Eckhart Tolle and Kenya K Stevens.

Due to her strong desire to help other she also founded this company.  Thyselfknown LLC was created to help people just like her that are looking for tools that will help them in their spiritual journey to learning more about themselves.   The company began as a social network 6 years ago and grew into what you now see.  Her future plans are to expand the company into a international wellness center like nothing else on the planet!  Stay tuned....

Danielle is also the mother of a beautiful startseed named Sanaya.  The name “Lotus Ra Ashug came to her in a dream.  It symbolizes her rise above opposition, untouched and pure, to receive the light of the sun in love.   She also holds a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta.


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