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Flowers as Feminine Life Force

The positive energies of feminine blood are celebrated in a complex visual and literary symbolism that embraces images of flowers and is tied to the phases of the moon. In central Mexico flowers remain symbols for the feminine life force and all sensual delights, including sexual love, art, music, weaving, embroidery, silver-smithing, sculpting, singing, and dancing. 

In China's southern provinces of Guangdong and Fujian, every women is said to possess a flower that represents her femininity. Each of her children has a double growing in a flower pot planted in a heavenly garden. In order to be born, the fetus must cross the "hundred-flower bridge", the place of transformation and reincarnation linking sky and earth. During this dangerous passage a flower deity known as Lady of the Waterside protects both the pregnant woman and her child. 
In the Bible menstrual blood is called "the flower that precedes the fruit of the womb" (Leviticus 15:24) An…

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